All about Bleak

The Bleak (lat. Alburnus alburnus) is a small freshwater coarse fish of the cyprinid family. It mainly prefers open waters, also found in streams and in clear standing waters and can be very numerous in lakes.
bleak They are shiny silvery fish and have a dark green back and fins, it grows to a maximum length of about 20 centimetres (8 inches). Bleak have an elongated, flat body with a long anal fin and have pointed heads with a relatively small upturned mouth.
The bleak spawns in April to June near the shore in shallow waters of at least 15°C. Some are found in deep water. Fry grow quickly and attain 50% of adult size within a year. The Bleak reach sexual maturity within 1-3 years and rarely living more than 6-years.
The bleak is an important food source for predatory fish.