All about Burbot

The Burbot (lat. Lota lota) is the only cod species that lives in fresh water. Also known as mariah, the lawyer, and Also known as mariah, the lawyer, and eelpout. It is found in clear moving water or in clean deep lakes. During the day, the Burbot hides in the depths or under stones or hollows.
burbot - Lota lota The body is elongated and laterally compressed, with a flattened head and single tube-like projection for each nostril. Just like cod, it has a barbel on its chin, which it uses to search the bottom for food. The mouth is wide, with both upper and lower jaws consisting of many small teeth.
Burbot live in large, cold rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, primarily preferring freshwater habitats. The fish hunts actively at dusk and at night. A trait that sets them apart from other freshwater fish is that they spawn in mid to late winter.