All about Chub

The Chub (lat. Squalius cephalus) is mainly a river fish found in slow moving rivers to the faster moving rivers and weirs especially where trees or bushes overhang the water. Colouration of the chub is simply dark grey-brown along the back running into a brass colour along the flanks.
chub The Chub are predominantly a river fish that prefer hiding in snags and over hanging bushes and can be found feeding on clear gravel patches. Larger chub will eat smaller fish such as minnows, roach and dace. The chub are popular with anglers due to their readiness to feed, and thus to be caught, in almost any conditions.
Chub can be caught using various methods including float, ledger, feeder, free-lining, spinning with lures and even fly fishing. Best baits for catching Chub: boilies, shrimps, elderberries, sweetcorn, maggots, pinkies, casters, pellets, hemp and tares, wasp grubs.