All about Gudgeon

The Gudgeon (lat. Gobio gobio) is a common small fish of the carp family (Cyprinidae), found in clear, fresh waters of Europe and northern Asia. The gudgeon has a single pair of barbels and a row of blackish spots along each side. Gudgeon are sometimes mistaken for small baby barbel but can very easily be identified.
gudgeon Gudgeon has a rounded, elongated body with a slightly flattened belly and rather large scale less head with an under slung mouth with thick lips. Tail fin is forked, both dorsal and anal fins are short and with rows of dark spots. Coloration of the gudgeon is silvery blue or yellowish olive, brown blackish on the back with a row of large, dark spots on the flanks.
The Gudgeon rarely exceeding a length of 20 cm (8 inches) and grows to about 110g.
Gudgeon spawn at the same time as roach and about 2-3 weeks before bream, bleak and chub.
Gudgeon are bottom feeders and these pair of barbules are used to search for food on the river bed. It is edible and is used as fish bait.