All about Ide

The Ide (lat. Leuciscus idus) or orfe has a small head with a reasonably slim and flat silver body, a dark green-blue back and creamy white underbelly. It occurs in larger rivers, ponds, and lakes, typically in schools. The body has a typical cyprinid shape and generally silvery appearance, while the fins are a pinkish red in varying degrees.
The ide reaches a maximum length of about 60-80 cm (23.5-31.5 inches) though the average size is about 40 cm (16 inches) and reaches a weight of about 9 lb (4kg). The Ide is essentially a predator fish that prey on small fry and other crustaceans.
The Ide spawns in April and June on gravely bars in shallow water. Casters are the ideal bait for feeding shallow, ide seem to have a taste for them. A small section of worm on the hook makes a good bait. You can catch two or three fish on the same piece of worm.