All about Nase

The Nase (lat. Chondrostoma nasus). This fish has also been called sneep. The nase is found naturally in drainages of the Black Sea, the southern Baltic Sea and the southern North Sea. This shoaling fish is found in deep water with fast currents, usually in rocky outcrops and back waters of bridges.
nase The Common Nase has blue-grey metallic scales and an orange tail. Its body is shaped like a spindle and it has a relatively sharp lower lip. The Nase females spawn only once a year and in some populations, during a very short period of 3-5 days. Spawning occurs in fast flowing water on shallow gravel beds.
Generally, the Common Nase can weigh about 2.2 pounds and typically ranges from 10-16 inches in length. The maximum lifespan of this fish is 15 years. The Common Nase feeds on algae.