All about Pike

The Pike (lat. Esox lucius) are recognized by the elongate striped or spotted pattern body, small scales, long broad head, and large huge mouth full of sharp, backward facing teeth. Considered as the ultimate freshwater predator the pike is totally unmistakeable in appearance to any other fresh water fish.
pike An adult female pike can grow to more than 1.40 meters long. Males ‘only’ grow up to 85 centimeters. The pike is a true predator fish, it will usually lie in wait or slowly moving through weeds and snaps unsuspecting fish in particularly the sick and weaker ones. Pike will eat most other species of fish and almost anything that moves in or on the water. Larger pike will even eat smaller pike.
Pike generally spawn in April, earlier than most other coarse fish species, then going onto feed on the thousands of other fish that spawn several weeks later.