All about Roach

The Roach (lat. Rutilus rutilus) is typically a small fish, often reaching no more than about 35 cm (14 inches). The Roach is a moderately deep bodied fish with silvery white sides, dark brown or grey back with a bluish or greenish tint, red-orange eyes, large silvery scales and red lower fins. Roach swim in schools which forage in the vicinity of vegetation, therefore shallow waters, but also in deeper open water.
roach The spawning season is in April and May. Most often spawning occurs on sunny days at water temperatures between 10 to 16 degrees Celsius. Roach can be found in almost any venue – lakes, commercials, canals and rivers. The Roach eat water fleas, small snails, zebra mussels, insect larvae, worms and crustaceans.
Best Fishing Method for catching Roach is the float. Light tackle is the order of the day with small hooks. Baits for catching Roach are bread, Hempseed, Tares, castors, maggots, pinkies, brandlings and bloodworm.