All about Sabrefish

The Sabrefish (lat. Pelecus cultratus) known variously as the sichel, the ziege, the sabre carp. The Sabrefish inhabits of open deep water, lower reaches of rivers and brackish waters of eastern Baltic, Black, Caspian and Aral Sea basins.
Sabrefish The Sichel body elongate, strongly compressed laterally. Spins almost straight,having leathery keel,which begins at the throat and ends in front of the anus. The shape of body resembles a sichel, in connection with this sabrefish called the “sichel”.
Sabre carp feeds on zooplankton, small fish and terrestrial invertebrates. The sichel spawning occurs when the water temperature reach 15-20°C. They spawn in spring (May) in midstream and return to estuaries to forage immediately after spawning. The eggs float in rivers, drift with the current. They hatch after about two-three days, which largely deppends on water temperature.