All about Silver Bream

The Silver Bream (lat. Blicca bjoerkna)is a European species of freshwater fish. The silver bream is a fairly deep bodied fish with a dark olive-green back, silvery sides sides and white under belly. The Silver Bream eat crustaceans and small snails, as well as aquatic plants, algae and detritus.
Silver Bream The common bream lives in ponds, lakes and canals, and in slow-flowing rivers. Silver bream look a lot like bream but are lighter in color. Silver Bream are shoaling fish lives near the bottom. . They have an absolute maximum upper limit approaching 1.6 kilos (3.5 pounds). The common bream spawns from April to June, when water temperatures are around 17 °C (63 °F).
The best fishing method for catching Silver Bream is the feeder.
Worms, lobworms, bread, casters, maggots and pinkies are the best baits for catching Silver Bream.