All about Silver Carp

The Silver Carp (lat. Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) is a species of freshwater cyprinid fish, a variety of Asian carp cultivated in China. The silver carp is a deep-bodied fish that is laterally compressed. The Silver Carp have very tiny scales on their body and are a very silvery in color when young. When they get older they fade from a greenish color on the back to silver on the belly.
Silver Carp The Silver Carp have a large mouth without any teeth in the jaw, but they have pharyngeal teeth. The silver carp is a filter feeder, and possesses a remarkably specialized apparatus capable of filtering particles as small as 4 micrometers. Silver Carp eyes are situated far forward on the midline of the body and are slightly turned down.
The species is known for leaping out of the water when afraid by noises.
Spawning occurs at temperatures greater than 18°C. A mature female can lay up to 5 million eggs per year. The silver carp reaches an length of 140 cm (55 in) and about 45 kg (99 lb). They can live to 20 years.