All about Tench

The Tench (lat. Tinca tinca) sometimes known as the doctor fish is a freshwater and brackish water fish. Tench is a sturdily built fish that has small eyes and an olive green body with small scales and dark fins. The scales are very tiny which give them the appearance of being scale-less. Its eyes do not play a major role and therefore are small.
Tench The Tench normally inhabits slow-moving freshwater habitats, particularly lakes and lowland rivers. Using its barbels to feel the bottom, it searches for food primarily at night. In the winter time, tench hibernate in the mud at the bottom of deep pools. Carp fishermen regularly catch tench, but using a lighter set-up offers far better sport.
Tench are predominantly a bottom feeding fish that can be found in the more shallow weedy locations such as lily pads, reeds and weeds. Tench eat small snails, sweetcorn, bread, pinkies, casters, mini-boilies, pellets, crustaceans and mosquito larvae. The best time to catch tench is early dawn or at dusk and through the night.