All about Volga Pikeperch

The Volga Pikeperch (lat. Lucioperca volgensis) or Volga zander is considerably smaller than the zander or common pike-perch. Inhabits large, turbid rivers and lakes, and brackish coastal lakes and estuaries. Its length is usually about 25 cm, and it weighs 1kg.
Volga Pikeperch It differs from Sander by not having large teeth, also the colour is more silvery-grey than green, with much more distinguishable dark stripes on the side. The Volga Pikeperch most active at dusk and dawn, feeds on small fish and invertebrates. They feed on fry, small fish, and crustaceans.
Spawning takes place in april or May in shallow water with a sandy or gravelly bottom. The Volga Pikeperch can be caught using various methods including float, leger, spinning with lures, live baiting and dead baiting.