All about Zander

The Zander (lat. Sander lucioperca) resembles pike somewhat as far as outward appearance and behavior is concerned, are often called pike-perch. The Zander has a long body with a small and narrow head with large dark glassy eyes. The mouth is large with prominent backward pointing teeth.
zander The Zander may reach 120 centimeters in length and 20 kg (44 lb). The Zander prefers deep dark waters where it will hide out preferring to hunt at low light times of the day. The Zander is a pack hunter that has a fearsome set of teeth that they use to inflict serious damage on their prey.
Spawning season begins at the end of April. Zander can be caught using various methods including float, leger, live baiting and dead baiting, spinning with lures. Freshwater fish deadbaits such as bleak, gudgeon, roach, rudd, dace are the preferred bait for catching Zander.