The best fishing place Fishing tackle Fishing season opening Best fishing time Hook size Fishing line test, Lb Bait
Grass Carp

Grass CarpAll about Grass Carp

Large, relatively deep, flowing reservoirs Carp fishing Early June morning, evening 4-6 20-40 lb worm, peas

DaceAll about Dace

Tiny swift chalkstream, shallow and boily fast water Float fishing, fly fishing First ice and thaw morning 13-24 1-2 lb worms, larvae
Silver Bream

Silver BreamAll about Silver Bream

Quiet muddy places Float fishing Early June morning, evening 8-10 4-10 lb bloodworm, worm, bread, maggots
Crucian Carp

Crucian CarpAll about Crucian Carp

Lake algae, reed Float fishing Rosa canina in bloom morning, evening, cloudy weather 6-13 4-10 lb maggots, casters, bread, pinkies,

CarpAll about Carp

Deep bays, driftwood Float, ledger or feeder Warm spring water morning, evening 4-13 4-40 lb worm, maggot, boiled potatoes, sweetcorn

RuddAll about Rudd

Quiet places, lakes, ponds Float fishing End of June morning, evening 10-17 4-10 lb worm, maggot, bloodworm, pearl barley

BreamAll about Bream

On a quiet stream Float, ledger or feeder Earing rye morning, evening 4-10 10-30 lb sweetcorn, bread, casters, maggots, worms

TenchAll about Tench

Muddy bottom, on a quiet stream Float fishing Warm spring water morning, evening 4-17 10-20 lb червь, гусеница, мотыль, зерно

RoachAll about Roach

Shoals, sandy bottom Float fishing Dragonflies fly morning, evening 8-13 4-10 lb bread, castors, maggots
Volga Pikeperch

Volga PikeperchAll about Volga Pikeperch

Shoals, clay bottom Spinning fishing Midges fly morning, evening 1-1/0 30-40 lb live bait, lure

ChubAll about Chub

Shallows, precipices, bridges Float fishing, spinning fishing Haymaking morning, evening, cloudy weather 2-10 10-30 lb worm, woodworm, chafer, grasshopper

AspAll about Asp

Riffle, shoals Spinning fishing Decline of water morning, evening, cloudy weather 6-1/0 20-40 lb chafer, dragonfly, live bait, lure

BurbotAll about Burbot

Steep banks, driftwood Feeder fishing Autumn, cold weather at night, bad weather 4-1/0 10-40 lb fish meat

PerchAll about Perch

Precipices, bushes, driftwood Float, ledger, feeder, free-lining, spinning Haying time morning, evening, cloudy weather 2-10 10-30 lb minnow, worm, lures
Wels Catfish

Wels CatfishAll about Wels Catfish

Pit, slough, driftwood Feeder fishing Early May evening, night 3/0 60-80 lb frog, meat, live bait

ZanderAll about Zander

Shoals, pebbly bottom Spinning fishing Midges fly morning, evening 1-1/0 30-40 lb float, leger, spinning, live baiting

PikeAll about Pike

Clearings in algae Spinning fishing Rosa canina in bloom morning, evening 1-1/0 30-40 lb frog, live bait, lure

IdeAll about Ide

Creek, backwater Spinning fishing Viburnum in bloom, dragonfly fly morning, evening, cloudy weather 1-10 10-30 lb live bait, lure, worm

The table contains information about the best fishing places, fishing tackles, baits and the best fishing time for many fish species. This useful information can help to remind you to choose best fishing place and picking the right fishing tackle.