What is your favorite fishing method or technique?

Each fisherman has a favorite  fishing method. Vote for your favorite fishing method or technique.

What is your favorite fishing method or technique?

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Why do you prefer this fishing method or technique? The Pros and Cons of your favorite fishing method? What’s your favorite way to fish?

  1. Dara says:

    Fly fishing is Representation of nature artwork actually. If you are a true angler you know in your gut what makes fishing so precious. It is the beauty of water, of fish, of wildlife, of dawns and dusks. It is the challenge the fish present and the thrill of landing them. It is the chase, the strategising and the dreams of monsters in your sleep.

  2. Frank Galindo says:

    I like to fish with topwater lures and soft plastics I do also like to use live mullet for trout redfish and flounder and old reliable cut bait


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