Which types of fish you like to catch?

What is your favourite species of fish? Cast your vote and express your opinion!

Which types of fish you like to catch?

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Why do you like to catch this fish? What kind of fish is the most interesting.

  1. Blade says:

    I like fresh water fishing and fish for rainbow and brook trout. Rainbows often jump when hooked and are a fun adversary on light tackle. When fishing for rainbow trout I like to fish with the lightest line I can possibly get away with. Trout have good eyesight and will often be scared away by line that is too thick, especially in heavily pressured waters. An ultra light rod and reel are usually sufficient to land most trout.

  2. Quack says:

    I fish for longnose gar, one of the toughest fish in the river to catch. I use rope lures, my fly rod, and live bait. I honestly feel like gar get a lot of bad press. Yea, they steal bait from everyone on the river bank, but that’s why they’re fun. They’re not easy and I feel like I’m safe in saying that they’re as finicky as musky and equally hard to catch.

  3. looba lou says:

    My no 1 fish to catch is the tench. Yeah carp grow bigger, a lot bigger, but everyone and everywhere have in there lakes. Where as to find a place that has specimen tench is so hard to find but when you do its heaven for me. Plus there coloure is so beautiful.

  4. kevin marsh says:

    The fish list is very incomplete. I like fishing for trout, river shiners (shads probably) and carp, but very few of those were listed.I fish the Juniata river, lots of small mouth bass, brown trout native and suckers, carp, and river shiners. always something to go for.


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